Agriculture Tanks

Ridge Product Services are able to design, manufacture and supply agriculture tanks. Agricultural tanks can be used for a variety of purposes and applications including for the storage of drinking water (potable), the storage of water for cattle (standard non-potable), and the storage of slurry (standard non-potable). Our water storage tanks for agriculture provide a convenient and practical solution which help you to maximise your water resources, save money, and also save time.

Whether you’re looking for potable, non-potable, or even both types of water storage tanks, we are able to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. Our tanks are designed to hold anywhere between the capacity of 1,000 – 250,000 litres.

Our agriculture tanks are used within the industry where water needs to be stored for ready access. For more information or to discuss your bespoke requirements, please get in touch with us today by calling us directly on 07824 690143 or use our online contact form.

Agriculture Tanks – Main Uses

The main two types of agriculture tanks that we provide throughout the UK are potable and non-potable water storage tanks. Below is an explanation on both types of tanks that we are able to manufacture and supply. We will also cover the different purposes and applications for both;-

Potable Storage Tanks – Commonly referred to as vertical water storage tanks or drinking water tanks, potable storage tanks are tanks that provide complete safety for human consumption. Our modern plastic tanks helps to prevent the formation of algae even when the water tank is stored outdoor. In agriculture, potable water storage are also commonly used for the storage of drinking water for cattle.

Non-Potable Storage Tanks – Ridge Product Services also able to manufacture and supply non-potable storage tanks for agriculture. Non-potable tanks are non-drinking tanks that can be used for a number of other purposes, that provide an efficient way of storing water for re-use whilst minimising waste. In agriculture, non-potable storage tanks are normally used for storage of slurry.

Rainwater Storage Tanks

Storage tanks in agriculture are also becoming increasingly popular for collecting rainwater for re-use. This rise in popularity here is directly related to the emphasis on increased sustainability and being environmentally-friendly. This is also allowing farms to benefit from a free water source with over 10% of farms throughout the UK benefiting from saving costs, and better using natural resources such as water.

Why Choose Ridge Product Services?

Ridge Product Services are one of the best suppliers of both non-potable and potable water storage tanks for agriculture and other industries. With over 20+ years experience, we are able to manufacture and supply tanks bespoke to your specifications. Furthermore, you gain complete peace of mind when you work with us as all Ridge Product Services products are made in the UK in an ISO9001 approved factory.

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