Storage Tank Types

Bespoke Specifications

Available in a wide range of specifications depending on requirements

Ranging in capacities from 1,000 up to 250,000 litres, Ridge flexible pillow tanks are supplied in different material specifications depending on storage requirements and contained fluids such as potable or non-potable water. Ridge can also provide other products for use alongside flexible tanks including PVC ground sheets and UV/Dust covers which help prolong the tanks in harsh environments (i.e. deserts). We can also supply ball valves if required. We can fit most types of connectors/adaptors including BSP and Camlock.

Heavy Duty non-potable

We are able to provide heavy-duty non-potable tanks, specifically designed to withstand the stresses of harsh environments.

Standard non-potable

Standard non-potable tank, used for waste water, rain water and slurry. Available for a wide range of sectors and industries from Ridge Product Services.


Potable water storage tanks, also known as vertical water storage tanks or drinking water tanks are available for water storage at festivals, camping and agriculture.

Cuboid Tanks

Cuboid water tanks are widely used in a number of different industries and applications such as construction works, pools fills, landscaping, and agriculture.

Onion Tanks

Onion tanks are commonly referred to as ”pumpkin tanks” due to the way that they are manufactured and are mainly used for successfully storing both non-potable and potable water.

Pillow Tanks

Pillow tanks – also commonly referred to as bladder tanks – are a great solution to on-going water storage and transportation needs.

General Description Flexible
Storage Tank materials

TPU – coated high tenacity polyester woven fabric designed to store drinking water to WRAS requirements with an operational life expectancy of 10 years.

PVC – a non-toxic PVC-coated high tenacity polyester woven fabric designed to store both potable and non-potable water with an operational life expectancy of up to 10 years. We use 3 different grades – 1 for drinking water, 1 for waste-water and slurry and a heavy duty version for waste water, contaminated water.

PVC/TPU blend – coated high tenacity polyester woven fabric designed to store produced water from drilling operations and contaminated water, with an operational life expectancy of 10 years
Most tanks are made to order; we have a standard range and can tailor sizes and accessories to meet with your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss your job specific requirements to ensure you get the best possible service from your tank.


  • All connection and adaptor types including BSP, Camlock
  • We can fit connections up to 8 inch (200mm) on our tanks (dependant on connector type)
  • Ground sheets (geotextile groundsheets are provide as standard but we can provide PVC groundsheets for rougher ground)
  • UV Covers/Dust Covers – This is an additional layer of PVC that fit over the tank to provide additional protection from the elements
  • Ball valves, elbows, hose tails

Tank Data


We offer a standard one year warranty on all our products for materials and workmanship, this may be extended for a small fee.