Construction Tanks

Ridge Product Services are able to design, manufacture and supply construction tanks that can be used for a variety of purposes and applications. The main uses for construction tanks include storage of site drinking water (potable) and also the storage of waste water (standard non-potable tanks). In-line with the very latest health and safety regulations, construction sites and companies must ensure that they are providing clean site water and washing facilities. Whatever size or type of tank you need for construction, you can be sure that Ridge Product Services will provide you with exactly what you require.

As a leading tank manufacturer, you’ll be able to work with us to design your own construction tank to suit your bespoke requirements. Our plastic tanks are perfect for construction as they offer benefits including corrosion-resistance, increased durability, and they are available in capacities between 1,000 – 250,000 litres.

All tanks for construction supplied by Ridge Product Services are manufactured to the highest standards and are made in the UK in an ISO9001 approved factory. Get in touch with us today to place your order by calling us now on 07824 690143 or use our online contact form.

Construction Tanks – Main Uses

Ridge Product Services provide two main types of water storage tanks for construction and industry; potable (drinking) and non-potable (non-drinking) tanks. Below are the main uses and applications for each type of tanks within construction;-

Potable Storage Tanks – These drinking tanks are manufactured to be completely safe for human consumption. Our potable storage tanks are supplied within construction in order to give workers direct access to safe drinking water in-line with the very latest health and safety regulations. We regularly supply potable storage tanks within construction, especially to larger companies with large workforces that need direct access to basic water and amenities.

Non-Potable Storage Tanks – These types of tanks are supplied and installed for construction companies that are seeking to store waste water. Storing waste water is an efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way for construction companies to minimise waste and best utilise water. Our tanks can be professionally installed by our team within days of your order with Ridge Product Services.

Plastic Storage Tanks For Construction

Traditionally, steel tanks have been the go-to option for storage tanks in construction. However, we are now seeing a monumental shift and more companies are switching to plastic. Firstly, construction water storage tanks are able to blend in much better with your landscape as there are a variety of colours, sizes and shapes for you to select from. Further benefits of plastic storage tanks for construction include rust protection, lightweight, and better for drinking water.

Why Choose Ridge Product Services?

Ridge Product Services have well over 20+ years experience in supplying, manufacturing and installing potable and non-potable water storage tanks for the construction industry. We are able to design bespoke tanks based on your requirements and to ensure that you are meeting healthy and safety regulations. All products are made in the UK in an ISO9001 approved factory and you gain complete peace of mind when you choose our company.

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